Matterhorn White
Matterhorn White

Dealers Only | Off Market | Simple

Features & Benefits

Exclusive Membership

  • Dealer members only. No end users are permitted to participate.
  • Membership is limited to dealers only and granted only after verification.
  • All requests from end users are sent to member dealers in their geographic area or who have specific aircraft knowledge. We help you the member dealer generate new leads!

Off Market

  • All aircraft listed on Matterhorn White are off market or un-advertised.
  • Allows dealers to bring a greater value to their clients.
  • Share inventory openly with other dealers behind closed doors.
  • Have access to inventory long before the general public.
  • Unlimited aircraft and wanted postings.

Track and Engage Prospects

  • Identify and capture prospects for each listing in you inventory.
  • Retain all prospects and sort by model interest both past and present.
  • Generate emails to prospects by simply clicking their name.
  • Identify and maintain contact with prospective brokerage opportunities. Let’s face it a buyer is just as important as a seller.

Marketing Materials

  • Upload Photos
  • Upload Spec Sheets
  • Upload Log Books and Aircraft Records

Matterhorn White Daily

  • Notify all members daily of new inventory and wanted listings.
  • Unlimited aircraft listings and want ads on Matterhorn White Daily.
  • No per day or per line charge.
  • All new listings and want ads automatically show up on Matterhorn White Daily.
  • Full Page dedicated campaigns available to members only.
  • NEW! - Mobile APP to view and manage Matterhorn While Daily Listings
  • Mobile App Updated Instantly